Video: famous company SpaceX achieved an unprecedented achievement in the world of technology!

There is no doubt that the American space company "SpaceX / SpaceX" owner American businessman famous "Elon Musk" has become well known since the time of many of those who follow the new digital world by its ambition to provide Internet to all inhabitants of the earth through a network of small satellites, but SpaceX has yesterday evening to complete an unprecedented at this level.
And may the SpaceX company last Monday launched a "Falcon 9" rocket developed on a mission to the space for the deployment of 11 satellites in Earth orbit and is the normal order for the company but the achievement is that for the first time because the same rocket that carried the satellite to carry to al-Qaeda Air "Cape Canaveral" in Florida horizontally.
The missile "Falcon 9" is composed of two parts, where he continued the upper part of the rocket satellite transmission to the space mission with the second part returned to Earth similar to what is broadcast in science fiction movies, to be used in a similar launch operations in the coming times in a way, and it means that the economic feasibility of the project via satellite Internet broadcast will be of great importance and that the process will not cost huge sums of money as in the past.