Samsung to pay Apple $ 548 million to settle a dispute over royalties

Samsung to pay Apple $ 548 million to settle a dispute over royalties
Samsung agreed to pay Apple $ 548 million under an agreement to settle the long dispute over the patent.
He disclosed the agreement in the documents submitted by the two companies to court in California on Tuesday.
The dispute between the two companies began in 2011 when Apple said that Samsung used some of their technologies with patent without her permission.
Financial settlement does not mean the end of the dispute between the two companies, where a US court will decide next year whether Apple deserves more compensation.
He said a joint statement presented to the court in California that Samsung agreed to pay for Apple to Apple in the amount within ten days of receipt of the invoice.
And the amount you would pay Samsung damages among the largest billion dollar settlement court has ruled that Samsung paid to Apple in 2012.
The amount was a reduction in the appeal to $ 930 million.
And the Department of the amount in another legal action into two batches: $ 548 million for patent rights and $ 382 million for claims that Samsung imitated own Babylon packaging materials.
It is planned that the Court decides other compensation in 2016.
Although Samsung agreed to pay the settlement, but said it reserves the right to recover the amount if developments in the case.
US Bureau of Patents and review patent and trademark some patents that Apple used in the case.
Apple's defenses and made a lawsuit against Samsung in the restoration of the right amounts to the office if concluded nullity suit on Apple patents.