Google Search 'Destinations' Helps You Plan Entire Vacations on Mobile

With smartphones is all it is always easier search for your next vacation or even plan the phone itself. Google new objectives provides a complete vacation planning to make it even easier on your smartphone.

The new function is to explore the Google Search on your phone that make your holiday a normal search and plan your next helps. Google details, users search on their mobile devices for a place to see the word "destiny" to browse a collection of easy to travel through the options and Add. The search engine giant says the new targets "in-depth knowledge of all parts of the world" with Google and search for cheap flights integrates Hotel. The integration allows users to instantly see the prices of flights and hotels .

The biggest advantage of the new feature of Google is that to save time by a number of sites for different pieces of information to go to plan a complete holiday. The function also allows the items to sort, match the hobbies and interests of users. It is interesting to note that the role of the "Destino" only works on mobile phones.

The function also includes a filter button that users plan vacations assistance accordingly. "Say you are planning to take some time in June or July, but has not quite decided when to go. Flexible dates filters you can narrow the results by month, so you can see if the and rate of most are low in the time domain, has multiple destinations want, "said Radhika Malpani, director of development, Travel, Google, in a blog.

In addition, the user can also select for any destination and the "Browse", press to see what the time of year, when the target is more popular, based on past visits by other travelers. After the completion of the target, the user can use "Plan a Trip" which, for information on hotels and low rates. Google is the speed differences for the next six months are displayed, so that users can find the right price for them.