Opera Max a new program to provide the amount of data and the advantages of a wonderful

Everyone suffers from a speed which ends shipping online 4G throughput between where not extended to the end of the online budget periods where in recent days may not work or open Facebook for example. But in recent days I found a way of one global positioning between the knowledge that an application feature in maintaining the effluent to a recent online on her and this application named opera max, where this application to maintain online to lengths of time as possible working.


Opera Max browser to provide the amount of data and the advantages of a wonderful
Yes, there are a lot of applications that help you surf the Internet Moaf, called browsers, for example, chromium, Vairofoks, and many others, the first reducing consumption and provides data compression feature, Google says up to 50%.
Awad means to consume the amount of 1 MB in order to browse the site, consume just over half of the Mega Chrome browser, and calculate how much will be saved, here application Opera Max came up with this feature.
Application compresses data up to 50%, where it relies on its own set of servers, the application already wonderful and distinctive, and perhaps in an earlier period there of you who has downloaded and found it does not work, and the reason that he was working in America only.

Wonderful application already, and you can tested to determine its effectiveness in keeping the amount of data available to you, or reduce consumption of the bill, Enjoy with him