Hero of the movie "James Bond Specter" and the film team refuse to use Android phone and reveal the reason!

Movie hero James Bond Spectre 007 "Daniel Craig" and said its director, "Sam Modes" that: "The phone system Onerous not the best!", And that after so far failed to use one of the Sony Xperia Z phones in movie scenes.

According to the site said "Apple Insider" the "Daniel Kring" declined to use the phone in spite of the financial offer from Sony $ 5 million to be used only phones, and $ 18 million in order to be the only phone company in the film.

According to international operations manager at Sony's Mr. "Bictcz Onrdo" said the hero of the film "Daniel Kring" and its director, "Sam Medes" refused to use the phone in the movie just because Android system.

And it produced the film included "Barbara Broccoli" opinion also the opinion of the hero and the director, adding that the money in these agreements is a secondary matter.