Google restructure
technology in the world this year, Google announced that it has become a smaller part of a much larger holding company known as the alphabet. One of the most valuable companies in the world, accounting for more than half of the search engine market, and this has major implications that will affect everything Google - er, alphabet - not now. Here everything you need to know to get up to speed.

What is the alphabet?

Alphabet is the new umbrella formed by the founders of Google company. The biggest player under this umbrella is Google - as in the search engine and its various applications, such as Gmail, YouTube and Maps. And other companies, which will remain part of Google to have advertising divisions and Android.

What about everything else?

Many of the projects that they will now part of Google that seceded separate companies within the Holding Company alphabet. This includes all the company's projects that have nothing to do with the search, such as its health and initiative longevity, calico, or skunkworks in secret, and a laboratory of innovation everyone knows as the investment arm of Google X. Google, and projects, is also being split out from Google. Google is fiber. These details were contained in a filing to the SEC.

In this bright new future, we are still things Google? Or are we the alphabet to them?

To find things on the Internet, and we will all still use Google. You have to Google for recipes. Google snapshot moving. Google, Google, and Google.

How well this will work tag, then, if we are still thinking of Google such as Google?

You're right that some rebrandings just not working. But this probably will not be one of them. This is because a lot of investment in the alphabet are the future technologies that would become the day of the mainstream - days like cars without a driver, or delivery by drones. In the end, we will recognize these innovations as just a "car without a driver alphabet" or "drones alphabet."

With this step, the alphabet and officially recognize that the era of search recede in the rearview mirror and that the age of the Internet of things has already begun. Nest and other techniques ttime, with its investment in the project color devices to the Internet.hat turn ordinary objects into smart devices or means of communication, said the alphabet have been foreshadowing this for some