Finally Firefox browser available on the iPhone and iPad
Mozilla Foundation announced officially and finally the availability of browser "Mozilla Firefox" for the mobile model of Apple iPhone and iPad tablet Hawwasabha to finally becomes possible for users of the system iOS use this browser.
And Mozilla was launched in September last beta version of the browser, Mozilla Firefox on iOS system through the mail store to Apple's "App Store" but only for users of this system in the state, "New Zealand", but today we are in front of the final version of the browser.
And Mozilla Firefox will be compatible with the system iOS starting from version 8.2 and will come with a number of features, including "Intelligent Search" feature for search suggestions in addition to the "Firefox Accounts" feature that allows the user to log access through their account on Firefox and managed to sync browsing history In addition to the Safe Browsing "Private Browsing" and "Visual Tabs" that allows the management of multiple tabs on a single screen in addition to other features of the property.
To download the new browser on the iPhone and iPad offers you a professional forums through the following link: