Facebook wants to create a virtual teleporter through the Oculus Rift


Facebook wants to create a virtual teleporter through the Oculus Rift

Owner of the company that develops virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, Facebook has great ambitions for this technology. The social network wants to make a virtual teleporter through which users can travel the world or interact with distant people as if they were in front of them.
Asked by The Business Insider on the sidelines of the Dublin Web Summit, Mike Schroepfer, CTO of Facebook, has announced plans to "create a teleporter by 2025". He plans for it to improve the Oculus Rift technology to make it "a tool that allows it to be where you want, when you want, regardless of geographical boundaries."

Mike Schroepfer evoked so much virtual reality a form of physical ubiquity. But this would interact with distant people as if they were there to visit inaccessible places and to travel the globe in blink of an eye. Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, even considering already for educational applications, to replace or supplement school trips

Breaking the line between real and virtual

Mike Schroepfer finally announced more social change than a technological revolution. If virtual reality is becoming more democratic, Facebook already imagine MMO games in total immersion or a clean environment to every person, built thanks to technologies like 3D sculpture Oculus Medium. Schroepfer said work "to convince the sense that the virtual world is real, imitate the world around you in real time and give anyone the ability to create what he imagines in 3D."

His biggest challenge remains to remove the bordé between virtual and real. For if virtual environments are already well developed, the image of the Pioneer Program Expeditions Google, we must also give the user the impression that he is one. "This poses 3D world reconstruction problems, facial reconstruction has since Oculus on the face: it will succeed in the resynthesize for the person in front," admitted Mark Zuckerberg in July. If the Oculus Rift expected to begin shipping in the first quarté 2016, Facebook has not yet unveiled its launch price