Best 3 smart phones that mimic the iPhone 6

 Recently Taiwanese firm HTC unveiled her new "HTC One A9" and who created a sensation on the Internet because of the great similarity with the iPhone 6 from Apple, the new phone can be said to be the best like a copy by telephone iPhone 6, but nonetheless this does not mean that the company "HTC "is copied from the design but the opposite :). Of course here there are other companies copied the design of the iPhone, let's identify them in this article.

Phone launched by the taiwanese company htc one a9, make many believed to be a replica of the phone yvonne 6 from apple dish, of course this place, creating a sensation on the internet and the pages of facebook, making the taiwanese firm authorized to design his phone is the king of her pioneer therefore, and that apple is copied from the design. This has been confirmed heb publication of photographs previous phones, which date back to the year one a9 comes with a processor snapdragon 617 and 2 or 3 gb of ram, 16/32 gb of internal memory (+ card slot microsd), and the camera 13 majapeixl.ho first phone clever of htc one, which will work on the latest android 6.0 operating system family.

This smart phone has a metal frame can also notes that, similar to the design of the new iphone. This phone is a cross between a tablet and smartphone. 6.8-inch screen size, so it is of phones xxl. Addition, the phone comes 64-bit processor snapdragon 615 eight-core processor, 2 gb of ram and 32 gb of internal memory memory. Runs on android 5.0

Meizu is not the first time that produces a smartphone copied the design of the iphone, but the leading meizu pro 5 is the first smartphone from the company's metal frame kamil.ho largest mobile as well as for this company the size of 5.7-inch screen. Pro 5 will be sold in three black, gray and gold colors.