Best Micro SD card on Samsung

best micro sd card in the world
If the EVO Plus is exhausted, he recommended the Samsung 64GB EVO. sequential read speed of EVO (which will enter service during the transfer of data from the card) is about half as fast as the EVO above, but the EVO generally costs a couple of dollars less than our selection, read speeds and random write speed than the rest of the competition, and still fast enough to record 1080p videos.

Android in our tests, the Samsung EVO published read and random write speed of 35.9 MB / s and 1.3 Mb / s, respectively, ending almost even with the EVO PLUS. For most people, however, the EVO Plus is worth a few dollars more because of their increased the most useful sequential speed for expanding your laptop or revision of the storage medium.

An update for owners of GoPro
4K video recording Hero4 GoPro is one of the most demanding applications on a microSD card. We like the 633x 64GB Lexar since early February, is the least expensive card GoPro recommended for this camera. (We have not specifically tried our best options with GoPro, so you must check the list of recommended GoPro competition and price before buying the cards.)

The best microSD card for most people is the Samsung 64GB EVO PLUS. And "most versatile, cost-effective and faster than any other microSD card we tested so far. If available, we recommend instead the Samsung 64GB EVO.