Mark Zuckerberg surprised everyone through effective Samsung

Yesterday and on the sidelines of the exhibition MWC 2016 Samsung introduces 

     new Galaxy Hatveeha S7 and S7 Galaxy Edge everyone was on a date with a 

surprise attended by the company, and it comes to the presence of the CEO of 

Facebook, "Mark Zuckerberg" for his own view and his participation in the 


And spread out over the past few hours, largely image Mark Zuckerberg and he walks 

between the crowds of journalists and invited guests inside the hall during the 

presentation of virtual reality, where he did not notice him one until after the 

interesting and dislocated media co-sponsors for their helmets virtual reality 

presentation of surprised by the presence of the Executive Director of Facebook on

 the podium, where he described the media perpetuates the image to enter the hall 

mark of "picture of the day."

Mark Zuckerberg intervention through effective Samsung yesterday titled clearly is a 

"virtual reality" where he began cooperation between Facebook and Samsung during 

this event in this area in order to provide this technology to all.