3 predictions about the Samsung Galaxy S7

3 predictions about the Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy edge S7 will be the real starWhy ? The S6 Edge is one of the reasons why Samsung sales were also impressive last year. The terminal has been so successful that its declination Galaxy S6 edge + replaced the Galaxy Note 5 on the European market. Drop a line also known and respected as the Note series tells us much about the direction taken by Samsung. The phablets are increasingly requested, and the size of the screen Edge S7 could even increase over previous models if the rumors are confirmed.

Good or bad ? It all depends on how one sees things. The design of Samsung's edge phones has improved a lot since the first Note Edge. However, the screen edge also costs more, and generate additional costs for utilisateurs.La battery will not be
Why ? Samsung is working on innovations to the batteries of its smartphones last longer, but we are not ready to see these new technologies come to market. The battery performance will improve thanks to the Doze mode Marshmallow, but this should not be a revolutionary advance.

The battery is one of the elements that raise the most speculation in the phase of rumors preceding the announcement of a new smartphone, but experience has taught us that changes are rarely significant. We heard that the battery of the Galaxy S7 would have a capacity of 3000 mAh, hard to believe when you consider that the company is accustomed to reduce the size of its batteries every new annual launch and as the S6 had 2550 mAh .

Good or bad ? Not as bad as one might think. The battery capacity is not the only criterion for determining the range of a phone. The software, fast charge and Marshmallow improvements could significantly boost the lifespan of batterie.L'appareil picture might be the best market
Why ? Samsung did in 2015, and could repeat the feat this year. Between the rumors about the Briticell technology, the use of Pixel Duo, the new goal .... Samsung knows that the camera is a decisive criterion for buying a smartphone (especially the high end) and the Galaxy S7 will offer an objective measure up.

Good or bad ? Probably good, but the South Korean manufacturer can count on fierce competition from Sony, LG or even Huawei. Any of these three companies could offer us a camera that buries the S7.

What can you predict about the Galaxy S7?