"youtube red" may offer special services to view television programs and films

"My red" may offer special services to view television programs and films
After that Google officially launched YouTube is free service that bears the name "YouTube Red - Youtube Red" that allows watching videos and content YouTube without ads, and even watch some exclusive content that is broadcast on Star Youtube, it seems that Guogl will not stop at this point where announced According to the newspaper "Wall Street Journal" about the possibility of television programs and films also display.
And the US source said that Guogl held meetings with directors of production companies and television world cinema to discuss the possibility of movies and television programs directly on "Youtube Red" service.
And of course will contribute to this new addition to the development of Youtube Red service and will increase the number of subscribers to the service to pay a monthly subscription of $ 10 a month, perhaps it may be very stimulating and perhaps there may be a further amount of the Order after the addition of services watch movies and television programs.
Is a step of YouTube also will make it strongly compete with networks such as Netflix and Amazon video .. that offer similar services.
Guogl did not reveal all after a specific date for the launch of this service, but only to indicated it was discussing with the directors of TV production companies to reach an agreement paving the way to add the service.