Facebook poses new service to broadcast live video

Facebook poses new service to broadcast live video
Facebook began company to introduce a new feature allows users to social networks to communicate that profess videos vividly.
And it was able to select group of celebrities and prominent users use the service for several months.
And became a live broadcast via mobile phones one of the biggest technological trends during the year, with the increase in popularity of applied periscope and Mercat-owned company Twitter social networking.
In the last year, Amazon billion the company paid for the site Toich for games that are broadcast live.
Initially, the live broadcast will be available for video in Facebook a small percentage of people in the United States property, and will be limited to phones (iPhone) iPhone.
The giant technology company, "said the passage of time, the company plans to make them available to all users," but did not specify any time frame for this.
In a post to the definition of the service, said Facebook "(broadcast) neighborhood allows you to be involved with those who care about what you see in the time it occurs, whether you are visiting a new place, or cook your favorite food, or just want to share some ideas."
The service displays the number of people who watch the live broadcast, and the names of friends who watch, as well as written comments. The videos will remain preserved in the pages of users to decide deleted.
He said Ian Maud analyst at Enders Research and Consulting in London, "Facebook has a huge audience touting their services. But this does not preclude something without becoming a prominent player in the live broadcast of the video."
He added that Britain has become "a nation of participants" Kaadid from other countries, saying that "we please to announce what we do all the time."
And it expresses defenders activists for the rights of privacy concerns about the services of this kind, but Maud finds that Facebook is keen to avoid any controversy.
He said, "Seconoa aware of concerns about privacy, and I think that there are restrictions on how to share content so as not to broadcast automatically to everyone."