YouTube "virtual reality" depends on the application on Android

After Google revealed earlier this year about the new advantage on the platform to share the YouTube video, which was able to watch videos precisely 360 degrees, it seems they are going even further when he revealed a private virtual reality is a new feature.

And was YouTube has announced a new feature in the month of May concerning Balvedyohat precisely 360 degrees, but today announced a new feature as well in the same window and related virtual reality, where it is now possible for users using the helmet virtual reality to Google Cardboard cheapest in the market or private Bassamsong Gear VR and private Pfispock Oculars Rift to enjoy watching videos three-dimensional technology 3D.


According to YouTube it is still in its infancy, where currently it comes only with 13 video on the application site on the Android could be seen through the three-technique 3D and 360 degrees and enables the user to integrate into different worlds Discovery views on the moon or take a tour through the streets of New York-dimensional and others where these videos were filmed system Jump.