The launch of the fastest 100 new LIFI technology of the offer Wi-Fi

Launch of the new LIFI technology fastest 100 of that provided by Wi-Fi after years of work and development, managed Velmenni company of innovation LI-FI service that would eliminate entirely on wifi, and rely on sophisticated technology the fastest 100 times of what provided by Wi-Fi, it also works on the light in the transmission and reception of data in addition to it's more secure, and able to download files at speeds up to 1 Gbps.

The launch of the fastest 100 new LIFI technology of the offer Wi-Fi
LIFI service which time they appear to the year 2011, which was the beginning of work on it and develop the back, and after these years scientists have achieved speeds of up to 224 GB per second during their experiences. This means access to the speed of 224 GB per second possibility to download 18 films in less than a second!
The move now Li-Fi technology developed to experiment after qualifying achieved in the city of Tallinn, Estonia speeds of up to 1 GB per second, 100 times higher than the traditional Wi-Fi.

Of these technical features:


Since this technique relies on light to transfer data, so it features a high-speed data transmission, because visible light waves with greater frequency radio waves that by 10,000 times.


As the transfers would only be limited to the places where the light to reach them, it is known that light can not penetrate the wall, and thus will not leak outside of the network, and will miss this opportunity to hackers penetrated your computer or access to your data. It is characterized by easily routed unlike radio waves that are difficult to control.

3-no further costs:

The use of Li-Fi technology that we need more of wires and connections, because the infrastructure already exists.

4-no noise:

Li-Fi technology does not interfere with navigation devices, medical devices, industrial and sensitive, as do the adopted communication techniques on the radio waves.