Facebook launches a new application to read the news

As expected some time ago announced the Facebook social networking site for the arrival of the new application, which will enable users to access the latest news by reaching notices on smartphones.

Social networking site Facebook about the new application, which will carry the name "Notify" and will enable the user to reach notices on his smartphone belonging to the latest news on all fields and through various media as well as topics of interest to the user detection.
According to Facebook, the quality of news that show the user will be dependent on the quality of the channel in which the user who reached notifications involved, for example, in the case of the user's choice to participate in the Fox Sports channel service it will reach the latest news concerning the sport while CNN and Fox News Vismcnan user to reach the latest developments and The Weather Channel in order to reach the last notices on the state of the weather.
Facebook also pointed out that users can later view these logos reached Whether it's a video or an article in addition to the possibility of recording content to re-review it at a later time or share on other social networking sites, mainly Facebook.
The new Facebook application is currently available only for users within the United States and only for users of Apple's iPhone phones.