Best Android phones that can be purchased

Let's take a quick look at some of the best Android phones you can buy today.

Samsung Galaxy  S6 and S6 edge

Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 be edge Apple such as the level of excellence of craft, along with the evolving standards in all areas. Razor-sharp displays are the best we've seen, and the performance is snappy unusually rapid-fire cameras ordered them incredibly.

There are phones with larger screens (some much older), but if you're shopping for Android phone in the range of 5 inches, and this is by far your best bets.

Motorola Nexus 6

Android is a versatile operating system that OEMs can be formed to their liking, but the Nexus devices is that you get the purest version of Google. Nexus 6 gives you a massive 5.96 in width, sharp quad-HD resolution and stock popsicle with no manufacturer skins on the horizon.

Samsung Galaxy note 4

Although Note 4 nearly nine months old, it is still one of the best all-around technology you can buy, with its large (but not a big silly) 5.7 in screen - along with the pen S Pen of Samsung to give it more than PDA feel.

Moto X (Generation 2)