Payment by mobile phone Android
Credit cards and debit cards and loyalty cards, forget about fumbling through your wallet the next time you shop and what if You may pay with visa only? Android related pay, simple and secure way to pay with your Android phone.

More interesting things when we create together. So we approached andriod pay the same way we approach every other part of the family
Android - Partnership with the eco-system - a combination of networks and payment of mobile operators, banks and retailers to offer you a choice

And flexibility. And it offers an open platform for developers to pay a collective payment of mobile forward.

Click to pay in stores

Payment with Android, you can simply open the phone as you normally would, and put it near the contact and the merchant terminal, and you're good to go. Android Payment does all the heavy lifting. You do not even need to open the tap fair application and go. You'll also see a confirmation of payment and get the deal right on your phone details.

Also, with a choice of retailers, and will be applied to your loyalty programs and special offers automatically when you exit. For example, when you click to buy a Coke in a vending machine, MyCokeRewards will be automatically applied. Android with contactless payment terminal receives not only your payment information, but also your loyalty programs and special offers.

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 Payment by mobile phone Androidaldf by mobile phone Android

Make an online purchase? Days to enter your credit card and shipping address in
Every time you make a purchase over the Internet will be a thing of the past. Just select "Purchase with Android Payment" and leave
The rest to us. Get out quickly, such as the tap. To make it easier for developers to add wages Android to your favorite apps, we designed
Our program to work with any payment processor. And we're partnering with the highest payments processors including Braintree, CyberSource, First Data, and tape Vantiv to make integration easier.